Direct Payday Loans No Third Party -Pixwoll.Com Sat, 16 Nov 2019 00:24:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How many credit debtors are in Poland Sat, 16 Nov 2019 00:24:56 +0000 Even in 2005-2007, there was talk about a collapse in the credit market. It was caused by many factors, such as unfavorable conditions, unstable economic situation, low consumption etc. Then, however, the situation began to develop, and in recent years we can say that we have a kind of boom for various types of loans. As at the end of 2016, as many as 15.3 million of our compatriots had loans, and 2017 brought according to partial data, a result higher by about 15%. Statistics also show that usually a Polish consumer does not have one loan, but several contracts for various types of liabilities of this type. The overall data from 2017 is not yet available, but 2016 closed with a balance sheet of 576 billion borrowed by Polish clients, with an average debt of $ 38,000 per person.


What makes us take more and more loans?

credit debts

It is probably the fact that in recent years something has finally shaken in our economy. This and other economic factors meant that the standard of living of a Polish citizen increased slightly, and thus, his consumption intentions increased. Not without significance is the fact that taking out loans has become easier and more accessible. It is thanks to broadly understood mobility and digitization of this process. We can take out a loan or online loan today without leaving home.


Which loans are the most popular?

loans are the most popular?

According to reports, we usually take ordinary consumer loans for smaller amounts, with the largest share in this pool being in installments. In 2016, the number of such liabilities amounted to $ 7 million.

The second important pool belongs to housing loans, which attracted over 2 million compatriots at that time. It was calculated that the total value of loans taken out in 2016, i.e. 576 billion, would have been enough to build 10 metro lines in the capital or 10 nuclear power plants. This may be a bit of a humorous curiosity, but it illustrates how large the scale concerns this issue.


Where do we most often borrow money?

Where do we most often borrow money?

While we go to the bank for a home loan, we take out consumer loans, not only there. The main reason is the problem with financial standing. People with lower incomes or who already have, for example, the housing loan mentioned above, are no longer reliable for the bank.

This means that from year to year the popularity of loan companies other than banks, providing so-called chwilówek. Their attractiveness lies in simplified procedures, granting loans without checking the client’s income level and the fact that you can take loans online here. The formalities are short and without leaving your computer or smartphone.

Therefore, payday loans are still growing in popularity, in 2009 these companies granted 928 thousand annually. loans, 2014 has already brought the number of 1.419 million. The year 2017 has not yet been summarized, but partial data during the year were promising. Online loans were especially popular.


How has the customer taking an online loan or other loan changed?

Admittedly, we have become better borrowers. First of all, the specific economic awareness of Poles is becoming more pronounced. Thanks to this, we take out loans more wisely, we carefully check and compare offers, we make more and more thoughtful decisions. Access to many comparison websites, analyzes and rankings, where we can get information about banking and non-banking products, is helpful in this respect. We are also more mobile, so that we can respond faster to emerging needs, but also to interesting and beneficial time promotions in the field of online loans or other forms of loan.

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Valentine’s gift without leaving home, with mini-credits! Thu, 07 Nov 2019 20:04:57 +0000

A few weeks ago we talked to you in our blog about mini-credits for Valentine’s Day and we gave you some original gift ideas to give your partner. But, as we know that possibly many of them have already given them away and as we also know that many prefer something more intimate and not so material, we have thought about making you a special proposal: a Valentine’s gift without leaving home from which you also do not you will have to worry because it will be much cheaper and because, in case your expenses do not allow it.

And it is that sometimes the material does not fall in love as much as a detail that your partner sees that “you have healed”, if you allow us the expression. Therefore, this Valentine’s day gift proposal without leaving home we believe it can be of great help. Follow these steps and you will see how you leave your partner crazy!

Decorate the house with love motifs typical of Valentine’s Day

money cash

Mark the path from the main door to the living room or the room of the house where you have prepared the big surprise with rose petals or scented heart-shaped candles. The aroma, in company with the decoration, will make true delights. Receive your partner with your best clothes: getting ready for the occasion as if you were going to an important event will make your partner a little nervous. No doubt, you will not be expected to receive it like this,

What better gift than the one you do not expect?

money cash

Prepare a romantic dinner: play with aphrodisiac foods to fan the flame of love and cook exclusive products that you don’t usually eat for the rest of the year. Keep in mind that, although it is a date that is celebrated every year, what you want is to make a special gift on a designated date. Therefore, you must make a difference. Condition the table: decorate it with red napkins, elegant glasses and a bottle of Moët Chandon Rose champagne! You will see what tone it acquires.

And the big surprise, in the room, what if you add to all this a box of chocolates where you hide a little note with a very special proposal: a trip for two or, why not, a formal hand request? And, if you don’t have enough capital, don’t worry. Find out about mini-credits and see how fast you can get them.




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Payday loans direct lenders -All payday loans direct lenders with no third party Thu, 12 Sep 2019 08:28:16 +0000

Would you like direct money without a payslip? Read here how you can arrange this today!

Although with standard loans it is customary to ask for your payslip, this is not necessarily necessary. There are also lenders on the market that do not do this, so that it is possible for you to borrow money quickly and effortlessly. If you opt for a loan without a payslip, it is important to be well aware of the conditions and to take into account any restrictions or obstacles.

All payday loans direct lenders with no third party

Is it interesting for you to borrow a small amount quickly via the internet? Taking out an online payday loan direct lenders with no third party at is not difficult. All you have to do is to complete the online request form on the website and wait for your request to be processed. In general, this process only takes 5 minutes, after which you will soon receive a message.

In short, borrowing via the internet is easy to arrange!

Borrowing direct money without a pay slip is not complicated

Borrowing money is not as complicated as it seems. Where with lenders such as banks you have to deal with many different obstacles and limitations, it is often the case with online lenders that you can borrow quickly and easily. These providers apply as few conditions as possible to keep their loans accessible to as many people as possible. The legal conditions naturally apply, which means that you must be at least 21 years old to be able to borrow extra money, but there are fewer additional conditions. This means that you can often borrow despite missing papers or having a blacklist registration. Borrowing without a blacklist check is no less safe, as long as you ensure that you are well aware of the conditions and know that you can repay the loan within the agreed period.

The convenience of online direct money without a payslip

The convenience of online direct money without a payslip

The reason that many people choose these online lenders is because it is a lot easier to arrange than, for example, borrowing from the bank. The lack of paperwork and credit checks saves a lot of work and also time. A loan application via the internet can therefore be completed in 5 minutes and you can often expect money on your account the same day. It is therefore not necessary to opt for a loan with a complex application procedure, you can also opt for a quick and easy loan online!

What should I look out for with direct money without a payslip?

What should I look out for with direct money without a payslip?

Borrowing online does not necessarily entail additional risks, but it is important that you ensure that you are well informed of all rules and conditions. Therefore always read well, both the legal conditions and the additional variable conditions per lender. In addition, it is useful to go through the following points before you finally apply for your loan:
– Always check whether the lender in question is registered in the business register
– Read the experiences of others before you make a choice
– Read the terms and conditions fully and accurately to be sure what is expected of you
– Never take out a loan if you are unsure whether you can repay the money on time (in that case, consult the Municipal Credit Bank)
– Never borrow more than necessary
– Watch out for snakes under the grass

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Borrow 1000 euros Tue, 25 Jun 2019 13:31:06 +0000

If you want to borrow 1000 euros quickly and you don’t have anyone in your circle of friends or family to request, you can opt for a mini loan or flash loan. With such a small loan you can temporarily borrow a small amount, but you have to pay it back quickly, usually with a maximum period of 62 days. It would happen to you that you have just discovered that you have forgotten to pay a few fat bills and that the moment of a collection agency has almost arrived. You have probably already had a lot of memories and then thought ‘that will come next week’. However, it cannot wait any longer now and you really have to take action.

Unexpected costs

Unexpected costs

A large credit such as a revolving credit or a personal loan is unfortunately not included. You may already have a long-term loan somewhere and further options to stretch it are exhausted. But it may just as well be that you have a BKR listing that ensures that you cannot take out credit. But yes, you are still in need of borrowing € 1000 and you want to find a solution as soon as possible. I would almost say: “happy there is the mini loan”, but given the costs, there is little luck about that. However, borrowing a small amount can offer a solution in extreme need, such as in this case. Earlier I wrote about this with the question ‘is a mini loan a good idea for my situation’. Also check whether in your case the need for money is so great that you will use it.

Where can you borrow 1000 euros?

Where can you borrow 1000 euros?

In my article ‘Borrowing 1500 euros without BKR review’, I elaborate on the question what the maximum is what you can borrow with a flash credit. Also the actual costs that you have to pay, so what is below the line, are amply covered. But what that subject is about naturally also applies to lower amounts. From € 100 you are welcome, so also increasing amounts such as € 400 and € 500. In the table below you can see what the current suppliers are. Keep costs in mind so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. If you were really helped out with the amount of € 1000 and you cannot go anywhere else, you could use one of these mini-loan providers.

How long does it take before I have money?

We cannot make it any nicer, but it is easier to use a term used by the tax authorities and certainly also applies for applying for a loan of € 1000. Once your application has been approved, you can count on it that the amount will be in your account within 24 hours. Sometimes faster, for example when it is not busy and your application is viewed and approved quickly. But it can also take a little longer. If you submit your application on a Saturday, then of course there will be a Sunday between. No transfers are made on Sundays, so you have to wait until Monday. On the other hand, not so bad, because if you receive the money, you can immediately pay your outstanding bills on Monday and this will be processed the same day. If you do this on Sunday, it will also be treated the next day.

Borrow a small amount quickly

To quickly borrow a small amount, you must of course live in the Netherlands, have a valid proof of identity, have a Dutch mobile number and a Dutch bank account. Applying for a job is quick and easy, you will only be working on it for more than 5 minutes. Another advantage I think is that no personal contact is needed, even the chance that someone from the company will call you is virtually excluded. You must include a copy of your bank statement with your application (by e-mail) and this must state the payment of your income. Take your photos with your mobile phone, make sure that they are sharp and that all 4 corners of the document are visible. This is again to prevent fraud, since a document can also be edited with Photoshop.

Borrow 1000 euros Borrow euros without BKR review

Borrow 1000 euros Borrow euros without BKR review

I have already talked about this earlier in this article, but for the sake of clarity I will write it again. When applying for a mini loan, for whatever amount, no bkr review is used. The lenders do use a different system for a credit check, which system is precise and how they are tested cannot be traced from the information provided. My idea is that it is a company where arrears can be reported voluntarily and that keeps track of this. However, you do not have to worry much about this. I think it is used to warn the consumer. 

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Borrowing cheap money with a mini credit in the Netherlands Sun, 02 Jun 2019 12:53:52 +0000

Make a good start and set up the necessary information that is needed to start borrowing money cheaply through a mini-credit in the Netherlands. Of course, it will be possible to read in many offers that loans are the cheapest with the relevant provider. There is a difference between the monthly interest rate and the interest actually payable on an annual basis. The effective interest rate on borrowing is higher than the stated interest rate on a forward-looking statement.

By comparing the offers, a global overview can quickly be compiled to see how cheap a loan can be used to borrow money.

Borrow money quickly with a Dutch mini credit

Borrowing money must be done in a safe and reliable manner. To start with, the AFM website can be used to check whether the permits are available for the products on loan and financing. More and more financing advisors are affiliated with a branch association for financial services. The questions about professional competence will be gladly answered by a reliable intermediary, so ask if there is still insufficient clarity about it. An independent intermediary can help you apply for a mini credit in the Netherlands.

In addition to the interest rate to be paid, it is also the conditions of a mini-credit that must be compared with each other. A quote to be issued will provide more clarity about the terms and conditions of the mini-credit and the rules regarding borrowing money.

A personal credit can then be taken out as an interest credit, a personal credit or as part of a mortgage to be taken out. If the money to be borrowed can be obtained through a revolving credit with the provision of a mortgage collateral, the interest to be paid may be very cheap than when borrowing without issuing a collateral. As a rule, the money taken out of the loan can be spent freely. This can again be an advantage in buying cheap goods with the money taken out via a revolving credit, which supplier does not need to know that the money was obtained with the loan and offers discounts for cash payment.

A lender has its own criteria for assessing an application or being able to process it. Various information will be requested before a cheap rate on the money to be borrowed via a revolving credit will be offered. For example, certain information will be requested from one agency or another agency. Because there are so many differences to borrow money through a revolving credit, all this information is needed to assess whether it is possible to offer money at a cheap rate. In certain cases, the information to be collected will show that a revolving credit is not the best form of borrowing and it will be examined via the application whether cheap money can be borrowed by offering another form of financing.

The own financial risks must certainly be looked at carefully before starting to borrow money, whether it is a cheap or an expensive loan. Borrowing money simply costs money and it is important that the loan and the related interest and costs can be repaid without any problems. In addition to all periodic income, all expenses will also have to be examined carefully. The salary, benefit or other income must then be taken into account net. The fixed costs must then be deducted in order to calculate whether there is enough room left over for the costs that must be incurred. There must always be enough spending room left to live with the family.

Cheap money lend me low interest.

Requesting a revolving credit online is possible through multiple sites, just like borrowing cheap money through personal loans. The calculation of the maximum amounts to be borrowed can differ considerably between the various providers. It also appears that there can be a big difference in the monthly installments to repay the borrowed money. As a rule, the monthly installment also includes interest, sometimes this installment is only the amount that can be paid in monthly interest. Then it may just be that the installment amount will not remain the same over the entire period of the loan. With a fixed monthly payment for a revolving credit it is often not clear how high the interest rate is, this will have to be requested clearly. Also, the question should not be missing for which period the cheaply offered interest is valid. The interest of a revolving credit will usually be variable and the conditions will explain how and when the interest will change. The interest rate will be changed automatically according to the conditions, against which no objection can be made. To keep up with this yourself, it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant criteria.

Borrowing money through a revolving credit can only be cheap in the monthly costs, but nothing will be repaid from the principal sum. This creates an interest credit and it is wise to see how and when the loan is or will have to be repaid. If the monthly installment is equal to the loan, no repayment is made. That means that the loan will never come to an end and the debt therefore always remains until full repayment. The remaining term will therefore be indicated on the statements as long. It is then possible to check in the general terms and conditions whether repayments may be made on the revolving credit facility without penalty. If repayments can be made without penalty, then with an extra repayment it will quickly become apparent that the remaining term will suddenly be a lot shorter.

Compare and apply for mini credits.

By seeking good advice, a calculation can be made as to whether borrowing quickly or cheaply via and offered revolving credit is the most suitable form for that moment. Preferably have several offers compared with each other by an expert. It is not only being able to freely repay the fine at any time is very important. It is also important whether amounts previously repaid can be taken up again, and without having to pay any costs. Often with a revolving credit, there are also possibilities to withdraw or withdraw money with a debit card. The latter may be important to be able to pay unexpected costs when transferring money from a savings account is not possible. A mini-credit for questions in the Netherlands is a matter of attention.

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Financial clean-up or the challenge of fantastic financial fasting Mon, 27 May 2019 20:26:30 +0000 Our everyday finances are basically a matter of habit. At least 30% of our daily spending is given by “overlapping items” that we introduced in our 1-1 disobedient moment, and then “forgotten” to get rid of it. Since this is a set issue, these items have now become a major issue. As in everything, sometimes in our everyday finances it is worth keeping the [financial fasting] period. And what would be better than TEGNAP?

In this article, you will find practical tips for financial purification, a guide that you need to take to get rid of unnecessary expenses and manage your finances again (not yours)!

The duration is at least 1 month, but it would be good if you would last 3 months before the summer season…


# 1 Leave your credit card at home – and start the financial fast period

It is always best to start with the simplest items to get you tuned into things. It is clear that we can only spend money on money. But how many times have you ever left your money at home, but did not die of starvation, thirst, or loss? This is because, in fact, the money / bank card in our pocket gives us a false sense of security and encourages spending. It gives you a false sense of security, as you can hold your entire piggy bank on your credit card and carry it with you.

If you have $ 500,000 on your account, you won’t have to worry about jumping into a restaurant and spending 5-10,000 forints and then repeating it the next day. Why? Because you spend an insignificant amount of money on your card. In this case, an inner voice rarely speaks of “stop because it is your 500,000 forints safety reserve that would pull you out for two months in case of force majeure”.

Financial purification is about leaving out all unnecessary items and resetting “spending on habit”. That is why you have to forget the “good if I have money” self-certifications in these months. During this period, “it is good to have no more money than you need!” Always have exactly as much money as you need.


# 2 Avoid viewing

The most dangerous event for a family budget is always “aimless viewing” when, in a miraculous way, we always face “life action” – “I have long wanted this for a long time” and is forcing us to buy. I have noticed myself that the programs I look at are costing much more than I go to the store and aiming for purpose.

During this period, you should ignore the list of family programs, “go shopping, shopping, watching”. Instead, try to find and deal with active programs. This is also a very smart view from the point of view of family harmony, as it is not a program to look at the “shop window” side by side…


I’m convinced that if you don’t look and have no wallets, you will have 10-15% more money at the end of the month…


# 3 Down with the NASE!

It is time to turn off your self-rewarding reflex and condemn yourself to eternal suffering. It happens in such a case that the person identifies the nazi with heaven, while the nasal abandonment is identified by suffering. The reason is that you are a nasi-addict like a heroinist in the alley who can’t come down on the material.

Apart from ruining your health, you even cause great financial damage to yourself. A little yogurt here, a little chocolate there, a little something. I slowly made my own decision for a year and a half that I will not buy any refreshments or sweets during the day’s shop. It is frightening that I could clamp down on the average of $ 3,500 / time so far to an average of $ 2,200. If I think that I did this 4x a week, we can see that with this decision (which I also favored my health) I saved 20,800 HUF on average in a month!

You don’t realize what sums of money are going on these bagatel items! But what can you buy from 1,300 forints?

2 bottles of cola: 700 HUF and 4 yoghurt: 500 HUF. And you already have the frame. The board is chocolate, chips or other traditional nasi in the bend!


Personal experience: It was very difficult to take something and felt the way my body produces symptoms in the first 3 weeks. After an “interesting thing” was done: I started to feel the flavors and feel myself better.


# 4 Start with the tiny bit of the day

I don’t think I’m alone with every day in our pocket. This tiny bit somehow always “disappears” while we don’t feel that it ever existed. Now, however, we are on the path of financial purification, so we have to start with the smallest money.

Just for a test , but get a piggy bank, where every tiny (pocket, purse) you throw in at the end of each day and don’t touch it for 30 days! In these days, observe how much this amount is missing or not? After 30 days, calculate how many thousands of forints you have saved in this way and then go out of that amount for a program.

I’m not shooting next


if I say that you can get around $ 2-5,000 in this method without feeling the austerity on your skin. So why do you have to spend 30 days? To manifest this thought and feel on your own skins, what kind of “bigger thing” you can achieve, rather than scattering your money everywhere. If the experience is positive in this regard, it will be easier in the future to get used to it and to “defeat” your own!



# 5 You have 80% of your monthly income

# 5 You have 80% of your monthly income

And then look at something extraordinary. I know many people use their income 100% every month. There is when we have no choice, while at other times we are just “stretching out” as long as our blanket is reached. Financial purification is not about making money for you or finding it where there is nothing. It’s not about keeping everything in the old, staying accustomed, but still staying on your money.

The only solution is to let go of the unnecessary lay-ups that have prevented you from stepping forward. That is why you need to pull the border and manage 80% of your income. The remaining 20% ​​go to your safety reserve. Is 80% not enough to go to the cinema or restaurant? Then you won’t go away in this 1-3 month. You have to be able to get to know your own boundaries and better appreciate things. Believe that after such a constraint, the cinema that is now burned will come up with a fantastic relaxation as you learn to appreciate it again!

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Borrow without regret – Apply for Mini Credit Thu, 25 Apr 2019 13:06:31 +0000 When can you borrow without regret and will you not regret a loan taken out? If you pay too high interest. You think that makes sense. After all, you have carefully compared the interest rates. But unfortunately it is not that simple. Because sly lenders usually have some tricks to mislead you as a borrower and knock out extra money from the pocket. What’s up with that?

The insurance trick

Many large lenders only want to lend you money on the condition that you simultaneously take out a ‘purchase price insurance’ with them. This type of insurance ensures that you can meet your payment obligations at all times. Even if, for example, you are left without work. You will think that is a reassuring thought. In itself there is nothing wrong with such insurance. But there is one big adder under the grass: in most cases the insurance is way too expensive…

Many large donors are out to attract as many people as possible with low interest rates. In other words: the large letters. They later make up for the profit that they miss out on with the compulsory insurance. Indeed: the fine print.

In fact, many lenders are actually insurance sellers, you could say. The ‘benefits’ are clear: many people look no further than the interest rate. And when they hear about compulsory insurance, they are already thinking of the new car, or the beautiful new kitchen…

The ‘now-you-here-still-trick’

In addition to the insurance trick, many lenders have another way to earn some extra: selling additional financial services. You could say the ‘accessories’. How does that work?

Suppose you are applying for a loan from a lender that you had seen in the newspaper (let’s hope it is not one of the companies that uses the ‘insurance trick’). This insurance trick company checks whether you are well known at the Credit Registration Office (BKR). If that is the case, you are usually called for an appointment. The “adviser” can then explain everything properly. You go to his office or the “adviser” comes to your home. Everything is neatly arranged: the loan, the insurance, and – now that you are here – a share lease or savings policy. The “consultant”, who naturally works on a commission basis, is out to get you to sign as many signatures as possible as quickly as possible.

How do you borrow without regret?

  1. Don’t be fooled by cheap interest rates. First check whether you are required to take out insurance in addition to the loan. If this is the case, then you will be overpriced in most cases. So don’t.
  2. Is insurance not mandatory, but do you think it is necessary? Then be well advised on the types of insurance and decide which suits you best.
  3. If you take out insurance, make sure you have a favorable rate. In our site you will find the lowest rates that we have found.
  4. Don’t talk to “accessories” that you actually don’t have the money for, or whose financial risks you cannot properly estimate. For example, read our information about share lease.
  5. To get a good idea of ​​the additional costs, we refer you to insurance comparisons, so you know whether you want to take out insurance. For the interest we refer to compare interest. We also invite you to find a cheaper percentage without purchasing premium insurance, we are convinced that this is not possible.

Now that you know these tricks, you have taken the first step towards borrowing without regret.

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Borrowing 1500 euros without credit verification Tue, 09 Apr 2019 13:35:35 +0000

In my search for a small loan without BKR review, I still keep coming across something that I think: ‘Hey, I can do something with that. Now I came across the next loan where you can set a fairly high maximum. Suppose you need € 1500, but you don’t feel like taking out a huge credit for that. You just want to quickly get some extra money for whatever reason. Well, for such an amount you are not really welcome at the ‘normal’ lenders. This way you can see that with a personal loan and a revolving credit, a minimum of € 2,500 applies. Now that minimum application amount is not the worst of course, but it is that with the two credits above a credit check is always done at the BKR. We are just not waiting for that, because I am looking for a credit where this test does not take place.

Borrow 1500 euros without BKR review

Borrow 1500 euros without BKR review

Well okay enough. How can you apply for that € 1500 and what are the total costs. That is the question that concerns me and to which I will try to find an answer. Now it is not so difficult to figure out what the total costs are, especially with a small loan or mini loan. So not only the interest afterwards, but also any guarantee that you have to buy, or in some cases have to organize through a family member or acquaintance. Look, the interest that you have to pay is clearly laid out on the website of the relevant farmer. It is almost always just below the maximum of 14% and also in this case with an interest of 13.99%. Why they sit 0.01% below the legal maximum is a mystery to me, but that must be an idea of ​​a pair of purple trousers to make it seem a little cheaper.

What about the costs?

What about the costs?

Regarding the total cost for a mini loan, I have written extensively many times. But that doesn’t matter, because nothing is as pleasant as the consumer (you) understands what it will cost in total. Nice and nice to offer a mini loan of € 1500, but also look at the total picture. After reading this, you can decide for yourself whether or not to request it. It is all about a lot of money.

The example that makes all other examples unnecessary

The example that makes all other examples unnecessary

Ok, so you go for a mini loan without BKR for the highest amount of € 1500. You don’t have to request this, because you can also choose a lower amount, for example € 500.

✓ Amount: € 1500
✓ Duration: 62 days
✓ Interest: 13.99%
✓ Interest to be paid: € 25.11
✓ Guarantee of family member, acquaintance, etc .: No costs
✓ Guarantee from company: € 574.10

Below you see in the image the costs that are charged for an external guarantor for all amounts that are provided as a mini loan.

Fast and inexpensive

For fun, you should look on Google for a mini loan. People often call out cheaply and quickly. Partly true, because it is certainly fast. After approval of your application you have money in your account within 24 hours. Tuut tuut, that’s certainly fast. However, the other slogan that is used ‘cheap’ should not be possible. Look at the image above and you will see that it is not cheap at all. But yes, the company also has to earn something and of course you cannot apply for it. Therefore, only use this solution if you cannot help it and you really need some money quickly. But please don’t use it for nonsense things, or for shopping or something. Purchasing a mobile phone with this money is also a real asset. But, at least you know what you are starting.

Interest on the mini loan

For the sake of clarity, there is also an image with the interest that is charged for the various amounts and durations. The interest rate is fixed at 13.99%, but you can then see exactly how much interest you have to pay in money for the amount you want. The percentage is high, yet in monetary terms it is not very high amounts. For example, a mini loan of € 400 with a term of 30 days costs you € 4.32 in interest. That is still quite manageable.

How can I apply?

How can I apply?

Look, too, that I arranged for you. Have you weighed up pros and cons and are you aware of all costs? Then you can decide to apply for a mini loan. Below I have indicated in a table which providers are currently active in the Netherlands. This changes sometimes, so the table may also change from time to time. In any case there are 2 providers that no longer participate. Firstly, Cashper no longer offers a mini-loan in the Netherlands for unclear reasons, and secondly, Loandome. The fact that Loandome was a dark company right from the start, the AFM apparently thought so too, and has turned the provider up and down on the Cayman Islands with a sky-high penalty.

A mini loan is borrowing money without hassle

A mini loan is borrowing money without hassle

You can say a lot about a mini loan, but you can borrow money without hassle. You complete the online application in less than 5 minutes. You send your ID and some other information online and you can start waiting for approval. You can also go there on Saturdays. Only on Saturdays it is not possible to pay within 24 hours, because the banks do not process payments during the weekend. But then you have it on Monday.

Test payment

Test payment

After a yes application has been approved, you must make a test payment of 1 cent. Very easy, via iDeal you can transfer this cent in real time. The company does this because it wants to be sure that you have entered your correct bank account. If this is wrong, the money will end up with someone else, while you are responsible for the repayment. With this test payment, this chance of making mistakes is excluded.

Conditions for approval

Conditions for approval

Just like when applying for other credits, you must meet the minimum conditions that are set. They are not difficult requirements and almost everyone is eligible for this credit. A BKR test is not performed, so you don’t have to worry about that. The requirements are:
✓ You are between 21 and 69 years old
✓ You have a monthly income
✓ Your income is not a benefit
✓ Unfortunately no freelancer
✓ You are registered in the Netherlands
✓ You have a Dutch identity card
As you can see, the requirements are not very strict. You must also have an e-mail address and a mobile phone with a Dutch number.

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