Financial clean-up or the challenge of fantastic financial fasting

Our everyday finances are basically a matter of habit. At least 30% of our daily spending is given by “overlapping items” that we introduced in our 1-1 disobedient moment, and then “forgotten” to get rid of it. Since this is a set issue, these items have now become a major issue. As in everything, sometimes in our everyday finances it is worth keeping the [financial fasting] period. And what would be better than TEGNAP?

In this article, you will find practical tips for financial purification, a guide that you need to take to get rid of unnecessary expenses and manage your finances again (not yours)!

The duration is at least 1 month, but it would be good if you would last 3 months before the summer season…


# 1 Leave your credit card at home – and start the financial fast period

It is always best to start with the simplest items to get you tuned into things. It is clear that we can only spend money on money. But how many times have you ever left your money at home, but did not die of starvation, thirst, or loss? This is because, in fact, the money / bank card in our pocket gives us a false sense of security and encourages spending. It gives you a false sense of security, as you can hold your entire piggy bank on your credit card and carry it with you.

If you have $ 500,000 on your account, you won’t have to worry about jumping into a restaurant and spending 5-10,000 forints and then repeating it the next day. Why? Because you spend an insignificant amount of money on your card. In this case, an inner voice rarely speaks of “stop because it is your 500,000 forints safety reserve that would pull you out for two months in case of force majeure”.

Financial purification is about leaving out all unnecessary items and resetting “spending on habit”. That is why you have to forget the “good if I have money” self-certifications in these months. During this period, “it is good to have no more money than you need!” Always have exactly as much money as you need.


# 2 Avoid viewing

The most dangerous event for a family budget is always “aimless viewing” when, in a miraculous way, we always face “life action” – “I have long wanted this for a long time” and is forcing us to buy. I have noticed myself that the programs I look at are costing much more than I go to the store and aiming for purpose.

During this period, you should ignore the list of family programs, “go shopping, shopping, watching”. Instead, try to find and deal with active programs. This is also a very smart view from the point of view of family harmony, as it is not a program to look at the “shop window” side by side…


I’m convinced that if you don’t look and have no wallets, you will have 10-15% more money at the end of the month…


# 3 Down with the NASE!

It is time to turn off your self-rewarding reflex and condemn yourself to eternal suffering. It happens in such a case that the person identifies the nazi with heaven, while the nasal abandonment is identified by suffering. The reason is that you are a nasi-addict like a heroinist in the alley who can’t come down on the material.

Apart from ruining your health, you even cause great financial damage to yourself. A little yogurt here, a little chocolate there, a little something. I slowly made my own decision for a year and a half that I will not buy any refreshments or sweets during the day’s shop. It is frightening that I could clamp down on the average of $ 3,500 / time so far to an average of $ 2,200. If I think that I did this 4x a week, we can see that with this decision (which I also favored my health) I saved 20,800 HUF on average in a month!

You don’t realize what sums of money are going on these bagatel items! But what can you buy from 1,300 forints?

2 bottles of cola: 700 HUF and 4 yoghurt: 500 HUF. And you already have the frame. The board is chocolate, chips or other traditional nasi in the bend!


Personal experience: It was very difficult to take something and felt the way my body produces symptoms in the first 3 weeks. After an “interesting thing” was done: I started to feel the flavors and feel myself better.


# 4 Start with the tiny bit of the day

I don’t think I’m alone with every day in our pocket. This tiny bit somehow always “disappears” while we don’t feel that it ever existed. Now, however, we are on the path of financial purification, so we have to start with the smallest money.

Just for a test , but get a piggy bank, where every tiny (pocket, purse) you throw in at the end of each day and don’t touch it for 30 days! In these days, observe how much this amount is missing or not? After 30 days, calculate how many thousands of forints you have saved in this way and then go out of that amount for a program.

I’m not shooting next


if I say that you can get around $ 2-5,000 in this method without feeling the austerity on your skin. So why do you have to spend 30 days? To manifest this thought and feel on your own skins, what kind of “bigger thing” you can achieve, rather than scattering your money everywhere. If the experience is positive in this regard, it will be easier in the future to get used to it and to “defeat” your own!



# 5 You have 80% of your monthly income

# 5 You have 80% of your monthly income

And then look at something extraordinary. I know many people use their income 100% every month. There is when we have no choice, while at other times we are just “stretching out” as long as our blanket is reached. Financial purification is not about making money for you or finding it where there is nothing. It’s not about keeping everything in the old, staying accustomed, but still staying on your money.

The only solution is to let go of the unnecessary lay-ups that have prevented you from stepping forward. That is why you need to pull the border and manage 80% of your income. The remaining 20% ​​go to your safety reserve. Is 80% not enough to go to the cinema or restaurant? Then you won’t go away in this 1-3 month. You have to be able to get to know your own boundaries and better appreciate things. Believe that after such a constraint, the cinema that is now burned will come up with a fantastic relaxation as you learn to appreciate it again!


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