How many credit debtors are in Poland

Even in 2005-2007, there was talk about a collapse in the credit market. It was caused by many factors, such as unfavorable conditions, unstable economic situation, low consumption etc. Then, however, the situation began to develop, and in recent years we can say that we have a kind of boom for various types of loans. As at the end of 2016, as many as 15.3 million of our compatriots had loans, and 2017 brought according to partial data, a result higher by about 15%. Statistics also show that usually a Polish consumer does not have one loan, but several contracts for various types of liabilities of this type. The overall data from 2017 is not yet available, but 2016 closed with a balance sheet of 576 billion borrowed by Polish clients, with an average debt of $ 38,000 per person.


What makes us take more and more loans?

credit debts

It is probably the fact that in recent years something has finally shaken in our economy. This and other economic factors meant that the standard of living of a Polish citizen increased slightly, and thus, his consumption intentions increased. Not without significance is the fact that taking out loans has become easier and more accessible. It is thanks to broadly understood mobility and digitization of this process. We can take out a loan or online loan today without leaving home.


Which loans are the most popular?

loans are the most popular?

According to reports, we usually take ordinary consumer loans for smaller amounts, with the largest share in this pool being in installments. In 2016, the number of such liabilities amounted to $ 7 million.

The second important pool belongs to housing loans, which attracted over 2 million compatriots at that time. It was calculated that the total value of loans taken out in 2016, i.e. 576 billion, would have been enough to build 10 metro lines in the capital or 10 nuclear power plants. This may be a bit of a humorous curiosity, but it illustrates how large the scale concerns this issue.


Where do we most often borrow money?

Where do we most often borrow money?

While we go to the bank for a home loan, we take out consumer loans, not only there. The main reason is the problem with financial standing. People with lower incomes or who already have, for example, the housing loan mentioned above, are no longer reliable for the bank.

This means that from year to year the popularity of loan companies other than banks, providing so-called chwilówek. Their attractiveness lies in simplified procedures, granting loans without checking the client’s income level and the fact that you can take loans online here. The formalities are short and without leaving your computer or smartphone.

Therefore, payday loans are still growing in popularity, in 2009 these companies granted 928 thousand annually. loans, 2014 has already brought the number of 1.419 million. The year 2017 has not yet been summarized, but partial data during the year were promising. Online loans were especially popular.


How has the customer taking an online loan or other loan changed?

Admittedly, we have become better borrowers. First of all, the specific economic awareness of Poles is becoming more pronounced. Thanks to this, we take out loans more wisely, we carefully check and compare offers, we make more and more thoughtful decisions. Access to many comparison websites, analyzes and rankings, where we can get information about banking and non-banking products, is helpful in this respect. We are also more mobile, so that we can respond faster to emerging needs, but also to interesting and beneficial time promotions in the field of online loans or other forms of loan.


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