Valentine’s gift without leaving home, with mini-credits!

A few weeks ago we talked to you in our blog about mini-credits for Valentine’s Day and we gave you some original gift ideas to give your partner. But, as we know that possibly many of them have already given them away and as we also know that many prefer something more intimate and not so material, we have thought about making you a special proposal: a Valentine’s gift without leaving home from which you also do not you will have to worry because it will be much cheaper and because, in case your expenses do not allow it.

And it is that sometimes the material does not fall in love as much as a detail that your partner sees that “you have healed”, if you allow us the expression. Therefore, this Valentine’s day gift proposal without leaving home we believe it can be of great help. Follow these steps and you will see how you leave your partner crazy!

Decorate the house with love motifs typical of Valentine’s Day

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Mark the path from the main door to the living room or the room of the house where you have prepared the big surprise with rose petals or scented heart-shaped candles. The aroma, in company with the decoration, will make true delights. Receive your partner with your best clothes: getting ready for the occasion as if you were going to an important event will make your partner a little nervous. No doubt, you will not be expected to receive it like this,

What better gift than the one you do not expect?

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Prepare a romantic dinner: play with aphrodisiac foods to fan the flame of love and cook exclusive products that you don’t usually eat for the rest of the year. Keep in mind that, although it is a date that is celebrated every year, what you want is to make a special gift on a designated date. Therefore, you must make a difference. Condition the table: decorate it with red napkins, elegant glasses and a bottle of Moët Chandon Rose champagne! You will see what tone it acquires.

And the big surprise, in the room, what if you add to all this a box of chocolates where you hide a little note with a very special proposal: a trip for two or, why not, a formal hand request? And, if you don’t have enough capital, don’t worry. Find out about mini-credits and see how fast you can get them.





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